Your Time

My HND graded unit was a brief written by myself to create a platform for creatives, something that was not just for a specific creative field but for the 5 most common: dance, acting, drama and photography.

This would be an online platform as well as a monthly printed magazine that would showcase the best of each category. This would be a system that would be tailored to the sort of candidate you were looking for through the use of filters such as location and professionalism which would be used on the app/website. The people chosen to have their work featured would go through an application process so that the content was reliable and would always provide could talent, unlike existing platforms like behance where you can be scrolling for ages. 

An idea that bares in mind the time conscious people that would be using this system whether they are all ready in the industry or looking to showcase their talents.



Where recruiters can filter through the online database as well as a place to upload your own profile


For on the go use to save time that is precious to people on the recruiting side


A virtual poster idea where engagement from the user would be essential. Making information available only to those who are in the industry and those who have an interest.