I've never been one for fancy skincare products or paying much attention as to what I was putting on my skin, and it has nothing to do with being to stingy to splash out on the luxurious kind. It's always been the simple soap and water, morning and night. Small red blemishes never bothered me and with getting the occasional spot I would just cover it up with make up.

After being given the No7 Beautiful Skin Collection as a christmas present, everything changed. Using a combination of the Energising Mask, Melting Gel Cleanser and the Overnight Creams I wake up with a natural glow. My skin has never been better, with most of the redness disappearing, and the dark circles under my eyes - which I thought were permanent - slowly fading. The collection comes in different sets depending on your skin type, whether that be dry oily or normal, and all at an affordable price. I highly recommend using some or all of these products and hope you have the same results as I did,  

All products can be bought here at or at most of your superdrug type of stores.