I'm going to begin with, don't take a picnic. A mistake my loving boyfriend made when he took me on a surprise day out.

Romantic failures

Romantic failures

A couple of weeks ago I was taken on a coincidental surprise day out to my most favourite place in Edinburgh (I had named it that before I had even been there). Unknown to Stephen, he was taking me somewhere "edgy" (as he likes to call the things that I like) when in fact he was taking me somewhere I had been dieing to go for 4 years.

I had seen pictures of the 100 acre estate 4 years ago during my first ever design project and immediately fell in love.  I had never researched properly into Jupiter Artland much before so it was a pleasant surprise when I found out that it was more than just a sculpture ground. The sheer scale of the grounds I was completely taken aback by, not to mention the cosiest little cafe.  

The one thing I did not expect was the magical appearance of dog after dog amounting to us rolling around the private grounds of the house, having what seemed like a photo shoot with our new furry friends.

Our strolls through the dramatic outdoor landscaped lawns found ourselves stumbling along modern pieces of art dotted throughout, as well as an indoor gallery. The pieces were incredible and created quite an eerie sense with 'The weeping girls' by Laura Forbes being by far the strangest. Small stone girls perched against trees placed sporadically around the forest were not the creepiest part of the sculpture, but their flat featureless faces seemed to give us a little fright as we looked under their grudge like hair.

The range was also spectacular, having a variety of sculptures and installations ranging from a giant shotgun placed against a tree to bee huts in the middle of a field. There's something for everyone at Jupiter Artland and it's not just about walking around looking at sculptures, you can have a climb up the hills - referred to as the 'teletubbie hills' by my mother - and see the grounds from a higher view. And after all that, you can sit in the cafe beside the fireplace or grab a bite to eat from the retro van. 

For me, a visit is worthwhile, but be sure to check the opening times as it isn't open all year round.