November the 5th has arrived and brought us the collection from H&M and Balmain. The collaboration has caused so much hype with forums all over the internet with countdowns, hints and tips on how to shop the collection as well as pre sales galore. 

Ebay went up in flames with it's live auctions, with people offering early sales of some of the pieces with a mark up of nearly £300 on a single item. I mean what did we expect when you put Kendall Jenner as the face of a campaign. There was no way this collaboration was going to do a bog standard campaign, but I didn't see a music video coming. Although we did expect to see the faces of Kendall, Gigi and Jourdan considering we have seen them rocking pieces from the collection since the announcement, with Kendall's look back in May at the billboard awards.

But what did Olivier want to achieve with this collaboration? He wanted to achieve something that was accessible to everyone, and by picking H&M that allowed a unique possibility to invite everyone into the world of Balmain and share a piece of it. A sense of togetherness and movement fulfilled and spurred on with the use of a hashtag -  #HMBALMAINNATION.

Olivier Rousteing

Olivier Rousteing

I want to talk to my generation - this is my aim as a designer
— Olivier Rousteing

My main thoughts on this revolves around expectation. Is this going to be a small limited collection that getting a piece would be like gold dust? Or is it going to be so accessible that everyone will own something? Resulting in the fear of showing up at a party with the same outfit as someone else. After seeing the prices, I doubt it's going to be worn by 16 year olds thinking they are the next Kendall Jenner. Hopefully keeping the collection limited to some extent, as well as classy.

The collection itself. Well for one, a working website would help let us see the collection. But as we all rush to browse online the site was bound to crash. For me, it is exactly what I expected; glamorous, bold, embellished and expensive. If you still haven't managed to sneak a peak at the full range, take a look here. The jewellery and accessories are by far my favourite part. With large chunky statement necklaces and armour like rings just being the start of it all. Beautiful embellished clutches that I'm just dieing to get my hands on. 

I must admit after seeing the runway photos I wasn't keen on the clothing, the materials looked stiff on the models but I hold my hands up and admit wrong. Up close these pieces are beautiful, the hand beading done perfectly and so intricate they could compete alongside a real Balmain dress. The weight of them would imply good quality material has been used (well at dresses rocketing up to $649 I would expect so as well). Don't let the prices of the statement pieces scare you though, this is a 100 piece collection with blouses, trousers and skirts averaging aroundd £50.

All in all I'm loving this collection, although some of the prices seem to be a bit out of my budget I'm sure i'll manage to sneak a few pieces into my wardrobe. Shop now at h&