After being told my hyper mobility and low proprioception is pretty bad, I've been having to take it easy for the next couple of months. Therefore I may as well share my knowledge of a good workout routine if I can't use it.

Trying to lose a few inches around your waist or just wanting to tone up, in this day and age and with an hours worth of working out only costing you 4% of your day, there really is no excuse not to. With gyms open and continuing to open everywhere, some being 24 hours and with everything you need literally on your door step I'm going to share some workouts you can do at the gym or even in the comfort of your own home to help even the busiest of you.

Workout number 1

Focusing on building up a sweat, suitable for all levels of fitness with intensity coming from the amount of effort that you put in as well as the amount of reps you manage to fit in. Each exercise lasting 30 seconds and to be repeated 2/3 times, depending on your ability.

-step ups (you can do this on a small step you may have around your house or up and -down stairs if you have them)
-tricep dips (this can be done on the edge of a chair)
-mountain climbers
-downward dog push ups
-single leg push ups (or normal or on your knees, whatever suits your ability)
-squat jumps
-sumo squat

Workout number 2

Another variation of the same type of workout as number 1 but with different exercises.

-high knees
-jumping lunges
-squat hold (add intensity by adding a pulse)
-burpees (if you want to add intensity change the jump to a tuck jump and a press up when you are down)
-jack push ups(to achieve this jump both legs outwards as you push down
-bunny hops(to achieve this get into the plank position but with bent legs and jump for side to side to work your obliques, increase the intensity by jumping higher, forcing your shoulders, core and arms to work even harder.

Workout number 3

Focusing on your core, this can be done anywhere at anytime and doesn't require a lot of time before you start to feel the burn. But don't give up as soon as you start to feel your core engage, otherwise you won't see any results. Make each exercise last 20 seconds and try to repeat at least 2-3 times if you can.

-small crunches
-bent leg crunches(bring your knees to 90 degrees and repeat your small crunches)
-straight leg crunches(bring your legs as high as you can, keeping them straight and crunch while reaching for your toes)
-flat back bicycles (for your rest lie with a flat back and bring your legs back and forth like you are doing a bicycle crunch/)
(repeat this set but add a weight and hold with straight arms and keep straight when you crunch up)
-leg raises(keeping your back flat and with your hands on your stomach raise your legs slowly as high as you can and back down without touching the floor and repeat)
-scissor kicks(again with a flat back keep your legs raised off the ground, the lower they are the harder it will become and move both legs outwards and in, crossing over in a scissoring motion)
-flutter kicks(in the same position, alternatively flutter your straight legs up and down, without touching the floor) 
-flat back bicycles (this is your rest)
(repeat this set but add a weight and hold with straight arms throughout)